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Do you want carpet that is stylish and long-lasting? Look no further than Carpet One Floor & Home of Central Florida! We are proud to be your local flooring and carpet retailer with an extensive collection of carpet options for you to choose from.  Our flooring professionals are knowledgeable and can help you find the right carpet match by using our Select-A-Floor™ system to narrow down your choices. Whatever you decide to go with, we want your carpet buying experience to be stress-free and fun!

Selecting a carpet is not just about purchasing the one that looks nice. Your investment should also be backed by functionality. Rule out carpets that don’t fit your lifestyle, and instead decide to move forward with carpet that will be high performing. We even carry carpets that are stain resistant and pet-proof!

Expert Advice - Choosing a Carpet Style

Jim Aaron, our VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, shares some information on the different carpet styles that are available.

What are the Different Types of Carpet?

Your goal as a homeowner looking for carpet should be to balance style with performance. The best way to do this is to buy the type of carpet that works with you. Whether you’re looking for the softest carpet, the boldest pattern, or the carpet that works with pets, your carpet choice is up to you and your home lifestyle. 

Carpet types all function differently, and there are five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. 

Level loop

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Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpet can be installed in many areas of your home, depending on the type. Most carpets can be installed in bedrooms and living rooms, or areas where there is little foot traffic. These rooms tend to be the most common rooms for carpet because people want them to feel comfortable and cozy. Some carpets that are naturally stain resistant or perform well over time can be installed in high traffic areas like hallways and stairs. Carpet does not do well when it is exposed to moisture, so kitchens and bathrooms are rooms that carpet should not be installed in. 

Our Carpet Selection 

Our carpet selection is full of options for every trend and every lifestyle. We are proud to be part of the Carpet One cooperative, and because of that, we carry exclusive Carpet One brands like Tigressá® and Relax it’s…Lees®. Stop by our showroom in Celebration, FL today to see our full carpet selection!

  1. Lees carpet

    Lees carpet offers a leading warranty.

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  2. Tigressa H2O waterproof carpet

    Tigressa H2O features a waterproof construction.

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  3. Innovia carpet

    Innovia combines style and performance.

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There is no one size fits all when it comes to carpet. There are different pile styles and fibers involved in the manufacturing of carpet.

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How to Care for Carpet Properly

Keeping your carpet clean means carpet that lasts. Find out what steps you should be taking to get the most of your carpet investment.

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